Viking Rifle Series® position on COVID-19

During this outbreak of COVID-19 we’ve decided to postpone our finale to 2021 and make it a 2019/2021 season. We have already taken some measures and postponed a match in Norway and one in Sweden that was to take place in April.

We hope to be able to start running matches again later this year and our previous rule of counting scores from your two best matches for the finale will be changed to three if we can get enough matches going before the finale 2021. 

We will come back with a public announcement when we know that people can start to travel again, and it is safe to run matches. Spend time in the outdoors, practice shooting, find the perfect load and wash your hands.

Food for thought: If the medical system becomes overloaded with COVID-19 patients, people with other problems will also suffer the consequences, children and young adults alike. So, think before you travel. Help flatten the curve. Help and take care of each other. Stay safe.