Safety is paramount and everyones responsibility. Anyone who observes an unsafe act or event can call a cease fire at any point during the course of a match.


The four basic rules of gun safety always applies.

– All weapons are to be considered loaded.

– Do not point any weapon at anything you do not wish to destroy.

– Be aware of your targets foreground and background.

– Keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.


– Cheating equals match DQ and possible exclusion from the series.

– Unsportsmanlike conduct results in a warning, stage DQ or match DQ. This assessment is up to the RO and MD and not up for discussion.


– Keep muzzles pointed in a safe direction at all times regardless of the status of the weapon.

– All movement is done with the bolt open and chamber empty.

– Chamber flags are mandatory and to be used until RO gives a load and make ready command.

– Negligent discharge outside of target zone equals match DQ

– Negligent discharge inside of target zone equals stage DQ on first offence and match DQ should it happen again.

A ND is defined as any round unintentionally discharged from a firearm during a transition, movement, and/or weapons manipulation; or a round intentionally discharged during a cease fire period.

– Safe angle of fire will be given for each stage. Pointing a weapon outside of these boundaries equals stage DQ on first offence and match DQ should it happen again.


Minor local variations may occur.